Stray Kids – 5-STAR Lyrics & Tracklist

Korean 385 June 2, 2023

5-Star (stylized as ★★★★★) is the highly anticipated third Korean-language studio album by Stray Kids, the popular South Korean boy band. Set to be released on June 2, 2023, the album is a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, marking Stray Kids' fourth overall studio album following their successful seventh EP, "Maxident" (2022). With its unique and quirky style, 5-Star showcases the immense talent of the group and their growth as artists.

The album's twelve tracks offer a diverse musical experience, with the lead single "S-Class" leading the charge. Additionally, the Korean version of "The Sound," originally featured in their Japanese album of the same name, and "Mixtape: Time Out" from the Mixtape Project, are included. "Topline," one of the tracks, boasts a special guest appearance by renowned rapper Tiger JK, further adding to the excitement surrounding the album.

Ahead of its release, JYP Entertainment made an astonishing announcement on May 30, 2023. They revealed that 5-Star had already surpassed an astounding 4.93 million copies in pre-order sales. Such remarkable numbers showcased the enormous anticipation and support from Stray Kids' dedicated fanbase. Just two days later, the pre-order sales soared even higher, reaching a staggering 5.13 million copies. These impressive figures far surpassed the previous EP, Maxident, which sold 2.37 million copies. Notably, the pre-order sales of 5-Star also shattered the existing K-pop record held by Seventeen's FML (2023), which had accumulated 4.64 million copies.

The overwhelming response to 5-Star demonstrates the immense popularity and global influence of Stray Kids. With their self-produced music and captivating performances, the group has amassed a massive following worldwide. As they continue to push creative boundaries and delight fans with their unique style, 5-Star promises to be a significant milestone in Stray Kids' already successful discography. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

5-STAR album Cover

5-STAR album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
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  • Release Date
  • June 2, 2023
  • Producer(s)
  • BANG CHAN, 채강해 (Chae Kang Hae), CHANGBIN, Chris LaRocca, JUN2, Kyle Reynolds, Millionboy (KOR), Nickko Young (노현동), RESTART (KOR), Trippy (트리피), 베르사최 (VERSACHOI) & Zack Djurich

  • Writer(s)
  • BANG CHAN, 채강해 (Chae Kang Hae), CHANGBIN, Chris LaRocca, FELIX (Stray Kids), HAN (Stray Kids), JUN2, Kyle Reynolds, Millionboy (KOR), Nickko Young (노현동), RESTART (KOR), Tiger JK (타이거JK), Trippy (트리피), 베르사최 (VERSACHOI) & Zack Djurich