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English 312 January 1, 2005

AJR is an American Indie Pop band that has released numerous singles and featured songs since its inception. The band comprises three brothers - Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met, who hail from New York City. Their music tracks showcase a blend of various genres, including pop, electronic, and hip hop.

Starting from January 1, 2013, AJR has been continuously releasing music, and their discography now spans across multiple albums and EPs. Their debut album, "Living Room," was released in 2015, followed by "The Click" in 2017, "Neotheater" in 2019, and "OK Orchestra" in 2021.

AJR's music is characterized by their use of quirky, playful, and often introspective lyrics. Their singles and featured songs explore themes of personal growth, relationships, and the challenges of navigating adulthood. Some of their most popular tracks include "I'm Ready," "Weak," "Sober Up," and "Bang!"

Their music has resonated with audiences worldwide, and their fan base has steadily grown over the years. With their unique sound and introspective lyrics, AJR has become a mainstay in the indie pop scene and continues to release innovative and captivating music for their fans to enjoy. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

AJR (Singles) album Cover

AJR (Singles) album cover

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