Eladio Carrión Lyrics - Singles & Featured

Spanish 286 January 1, 2015

Eladio Carrión, the renowned American rapper and singer of Latin trap and reggaeton, has built an impressive discography of singles and featured songs over the years. From January 1, 2015, to the present day, he has released numerous music tracks that have gained popularity among fans of Latin music worldwide.

Carrión's unique blend of Latin music with hip-hop has allowed him to stand out in the crowded Latin music scene. He has worked with various artists and producers to produce chart-topping hits that have amassed millions of views on popular music platforms.

His music catalog includes singles such as "2x2," "Sauce Boyz," "Bichota," and "EASY MONEY BABY." These tracks showcase Carrión's distinct style and vocal abilities, and his ability to produce hits that resonate with fans worldwide.

In addition to his solo work, Carrión has also collaborated with other prominent artists in the Latin music scene. He has worked with the likes of J Balvin, Yandel, Cazzu, Lunay, and Nicky Jam, among others. Together, they have produced hit songs such as "Kemba Walker," "Mi Error Remix," and "La Canceló," among others.

Carrión's lyrical content reflects his life experiences and the realities of growing up in America as a Latinx artist. He often touches on themes such as love, heartbreak, and his struggles as a rising artist in the music industry.

Overall, Eladio Carrión's discography is a testament to his versatility and talent as a Latin trap and reggaeton artist. His unique sound, combined with his ability to produce chart-topping hits, has earned him a devoted fan base and solidified his place in the Latin music industry. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.