EST Gee Lyrics – Singles & Featured

English 246 January 1, 2017

EST Gee, the rising star of the hip-hop industry, has released several hit singles and featured on numerous tracks throughout his career. His music career began in 2017 with the release of his debut mixtape "Lil EST Gee," which showcased his raw talent and unique style. Since then, he has released several hit singles and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry.

From the release of his first single in 2017 to the present day, EST Gee's discography has grown to include numerous popular tracks. Some of his most well-known singles include "Big Homie," "Riata Dada," "In Town," "Young Shiners," and "Get Money." Each of these tracks showcases EST Gee's ability to create catchy hooks and deliver powerful verses that resonate with audiences.

EST Gee has also collaborated with several other artists on their tracks. He has featured on hit songs such as "Neighbors" by Yo Gotti, "We Paid" by Lil Baby and 42 Dugg, and "Funky" by DaBaby. These collaborations highlight EST Gee's versatility as an artist and his ability to work well with others.

Whether on his solo tracks or collaborations, EST Gee's lyrics often focus on his upbringing, experiences in the streets, and the struggles he faced on his journey to success. His music resonates with audiences who relate to his message of perseverance and determination.

In conclusion, EST Gee's discography is a testament to his talent and potential as an artist. With his unique style, powerful lyrics, and impressive collaborations, he is sure to continue making waves in the hip-hop industry for years to come. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.