GG BB XX (2021) Lyrics – LANY

English 1.7K September 3, 2021

"Gg bb xx" is the fourth studio album by the renowned American pop band, LANY. This highly anticipated musical offering was officially released on September 11, 2021, under the combined efforts of Side Street Entertainment and Polydor Records. Serving as a follow-up to their successful third studio album, "Mama's Boy" (2020), this latest record stands as a notable milestone in the band's discography.

The album "Gg bb xx" showcases the remarkable talents of LANY, while also marking a significant transition for the band. Notably, it serves as the final album to feature Leslie Priest, the band's esteemed keyboardist and guitarist, who departed from the group the following year. The production of this exceptional collection of songs was masterfully handled by a trio of accomplished producers: Andrew Goldstein, John Ryan, and LANY themselves.

Before the official release of the album, LANY treated fans to a series of captivating singles. Kicking off the musical journey, "Dancing in the Kitchen" was unveiled as the lead single on June 25, 2021, captivating listeners with its infectious melodies and relatable lyrics. This was followed by the release of "Up to Me" on July 15, accompanied by a compelling B-side—a demo version of the fourth track on the album, titled "DNA." As anticipation continued to build, LANY released two more promotional singles in August, titled "Never Mind, Let's Break Up" and "Roll Over, Baby." Prior to the album's official launch, a visually stunning music video for the captivating track "Ex I Never Had" was released on September 2, further heightening the excitement surrounding the album's arrival.

In support of their exceptional musical creation, LANY embarked on the highly anticipated gg bb xx Tour, captivating audiences across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This tour provided fans with the opportunity to witness the band's unparalleled live performances, further enhancing their connection to the profound and heartfelt songs present on the album.

Overall, "Gg bb xx" is a testament to LANY's artistry and growth as a band. With its captivating melodies, introspective lyrics, and masterful production, this album has solidified LANY's position as one of the most influential pop bands of their generation. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.