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Chinese 323 January 1, 2001

Hins Cheung, a renowned Chinese singer, songwriter, and record producer, has graced the music scene with a multitude of captivating singles and mesmerizing featured songs. From the dawn of his musical journey on January 1, 2001, until the present day, his discography is a testament to his creative prowess and artistic versatility.

Throughout the years, Hins Cheung has delighted his fans with an extensive repertoire of music tracks that showcase his immense talent and unique musical style. From heartfelt ballads to upbeat anthems, his singles have left an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners. Each song weaves a captivating story, narrating emotions and experiences that resonate with audiences across borders.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Hins Cheung has also collaborated with numerous esteemed artists, leaving an indelible imprint on the industry as a featured artist. These collaborations have brought forth extraordinary musical fusions, combining diverse voices and styles to create harmonious melodies that transcend cultural boundaries.

As we delve into Hins Cheung's vast discography, we encounter an array of lyrical masterpieces that reflect his profound understanding of human emotions. His lyrics delve deep into the complexities of love, longing, joy, and introspection, touching the very core of our souls. With every verse, he crafts a vivid narrative, evoking vivid imagery and connecting with listeners on a profound level.

From his early releases to his most recent creations, Hins Cheung's music showcases his growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to his craft. Each track represents a new chapter in his musical evolution, and fans eagerly anticipate the next offering from this gifted musician.

In conclusion, Hins Cheung's musical journey spans over two decades, encompassing a rich tapestry of singles and featured songs that have captivated audiences worldwide. His ability to weave compelling narratives through his lyrics and his exceptional vocal prowess continue to solidify his position as one of the most influential figures in Chinese music. As we immerse ourselves in his melodic tapestry, we are reminded of the profound impact music can have on our lives, and we eagerly await the next chapter in Hins Cheung's extraordinary career. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Hins Cheung (Singles) album Cover

Hins Cheung (Singles) album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
  • Years Active
  • January 1, 2001 - Present
  • Producer(s)
  • Amadeus Sögaard, SAMDELL
  • Writer(s)
  • T-Rexx