IU Lyrics – Singles & Featured

Korean 609 January 1, 2008

This collection features the lyrics for all of the singles and featured songs released by the popular South Korean singer-songwriter, IU (아이유), from the beginning of her career on January 1, 2008 up to the present day. Her music spans a range of genres, from pop and ballads to R&B and rock, and has captivated fans around the world with its relatable lyrics and catchy melodies.

IU's discography includes a wide variety of singles and collaborations, each with its own unique sound and message. Her music often explores themes of love, relationships, and personal growth, and her thoughtful lyrics and emotive vocals have earned her a devoted fanbase.

With this collection, fans of IU can delve into her complete body of work and explore the lyrics and meanings behind each of her songs. From her early hits like "Lost Child" and "Boo" to her more recent chart-toppers like "Celebrity" and "LILAC," this collection provides a comprehensive look at the evolution of IU's music over the years.

Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to IU's music, this collection is the perfect way to appreciate the artistry and talent of one of South Korea's most beloved musicians. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.