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English 561 June 13, 1995

"Jagged Little Pill" is the third studio album by Canadian singer Alanis Morissette, made its global debut on June 13, 1995, under the Maverick label. Departing from her earlier dance-pop sound showcased in albums like Alanis (1991) and Now Is the Time (1992), Morissette embarked on a creative journey after relocating from Ottawa to Los Angeles. It was in LA that she fortuitously crossed paths with producer Glen Ballard, and their artistic synergy was immediate.

Together, they embarked on an exploration of musical possibilities, resulting in an alternative rock masterpiece that drew influences from post-grunge and pop rock. Guitars, keyboards, drum machines, and even the harmonica were utilized to create a rich sonic landscape.

Lyrically, Jagged Little Pill delved into themes of aggression and turbulent relationships, while Ballard's influence added a pop sensibility to Morissette's trademark angst. The album's title was inspired by a line from its opening track, "You Learn." The impact of Jagged Little Pill was nothing short of phenomenal, as it dominated charts in thirteen countries and achieved unparalleled commercial success worldwide. With sales exceeding a staggering 33 million copies, it stands as one of the best-selling albums of all time and solidified Morissette's status as the first Canadian artist to achieve double diamond sales.

The critical acclaim for Jagged Little Pill was equally impressive, garnering nine Grammy nominations and securing five wins, including the coveted Album of the Year. Notably, Morissette, at the age of 21, became the youngest artist at that time to receive this prestigious honor. The album's enduring significance was acknowledged when Rolling Stone ranked it at number 69 on its esteemed 2020 list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time."

Recognizing the album's enduring legacy, Jagged Little Pill has been re-released twice. In 2015, a 2-disc deluxe edition and a 4-disc collector's edition commemorating its 20th anniversary were unveiled, followed by a 25th-anniversary deluxe edition in 2020. Furthermore, to celebrate the album's 10th anniversary, an acoustic re-recording was released on June 13, 2005. The profound impact of Jagged Little Pill extended beyond the realm of music and into the realm of theater. A compelling stage production inspired by the album premiered at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge on May 5, 2018. Its subsequent transfer to Broadway earned the production 15 Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical.

Although plans for a world tour commemorating the album's 25th anniversary were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the enduring influence and significance of Jagged Little Pill continue to captivate audiences and solidify its place as a timeless musical masterpiece. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Jagged Little Pill album Cover

Jagged Little Pill album cover

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  • Artist/Band
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  • June 13, 1995
  • Producer(s)
  • Glen Ballard
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  • Alanis Morissette & Glen Ballard