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JP Saxe is a Canadian musician and singer known for his soulful and heartfelt music. Since the release of his first single in 2017, he has been captivating audiences with his unique sound and powerful lyrics. His discography is filled with an impressive array of singles and featured songs that showcase his talent and versatility as an artist.

From the beginning of his musical journey in 2012, JP Saxe has consistently released music that resonates with his fans. His debut single "Changed" marked the start of his musical career, followed by several other notable releases, including "Anybody Else" and "The Few Things." Each of these songs is a testament to JP Saxe's exceptional songwriting skills, as he poignantly captures emotions and experiences in his music.

JP Saxe has also collaborated with other artists on a variety of projects, including several featured songs that have garnered attention and praise from fans and critics alike. Some of his most notable collaborations include "If The World Was Ending" with Julia Michaels, "The Hurt You Give Me" with Audrey Mika, and "Like That" with Audrey Nuna.

In addition to his impressive musical accomplishments, JP Saxe has also earned recognition for his powerful lyrics that touch on a wide range of subjects, from heartbreak and loss to love and self-discovery. His music has become a source of comfort and inspiration for many listeners around the world.

In conclusion, JP Saxe's music is a testament to his exceptional talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. His singles and featured songs offer a diverse and captivating collection of music that showcases his unique style and powerful lyrics. From his earliest releases in 2012 to his latest work, JP Saxe continues to captivate audiences with his soulful music and heartfelt lyrics. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

JP Saxe (Singles) album Cover

JP Saxe (Singles) album cover

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