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English 548 January 1, 2008

Madilyn, an American singer, songwriter, musician, and YouTube personality, has released numerous singles and featured songs since January 1, 2008, when her music career started. Her discography includes a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, and electronic dance music, among others. Her lyrics are known for being introspective, emotional, and relatable to her listeners.

Madilyn's music career started on YouTube, where she posted covers of popular songs. Her unique voice and acoustic guitar accompaniment quickly garnered a following, leading her to release her original music. Madilyn's first single, "Red Ribbon," was released in 2015 and marked the beginning of her career as a recording artist.

Since then, Madilyn has released numerous singles, such as "Titanium," "Radioactive," and "Blank Space," to name a few. These songs have been well received by her fans and have showcased her versatile vocal range and songwriting abilities. In addition to her solo work, Madilyn has also collaborated with other artists on featured songs, including Boyce Avenue, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and Tyler Ward.

Throughout her career, Madilyn has remained dedicated to her fans and has often expressed gratitude for their support. Her music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, as she shares her personal experiences and emotions through her lyrics. With a successful career spanning over a decade, Madilyn's music remains a testament to her talent, creativity, and passion for music. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Madilyn Bailey (Singles) album Cover

Madilyn Bailey (Singles) album cover

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