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English 79 January 1, 2011

Majid Jordan, the acclaimed Canadian R&B duo, is known for their impressive catalog of music spanning from January 1, 2011, up to the present day. The group consists of singer Majid Al Maskati, originally from Bahrain, and producer Jordan Ullman, a native of Toronto, Ontario. Their journey began in 2011 when they crossed paths at Majid's birthday celebration at a Toronto bar, both coincidentally being students at the University of Toronto. This fateful encounter led to a unique musical partnership that would eventually capture the hearts of R&B enthusiasts worldwide.

Their musical synergy was evident from the start. Mere days after their initial meeting, Majid and Jordan embarked on their creative collaboration, crafting their very first official single, "Hold Tight," in just a single day. This track was released anonymously on the burgeoning music platform, SoundCloud, where it began to catch the attention of listeners intrigued by their distinctive sound.

Operating out of Jordan's dorm room and his parents' basement, the duo ventured even further into the music scene, initially releasing music under the pseudonym "Good People" and launching their first joint EP titled "Afterhours" on SoundCloud. It was this EP that caught the ear of Noah "40" Shebib, a renowned producer associated with Toronto rapper Drake, who recognized their exceptional talent.

Impressed by Majid Jordan's unique blend of R&B and electronic elements, Shebib invited them to join the ranks of his OVO Sound record label, a venture co-founded by himself, Drake, and Oliver El-Khatib. This move proved to be a pivotal moment in their career, opening the door to greater exposure and opportunities.

From these early beginnings, Majid Jordan's musical journey has been marked by a remarkable evolution, encompassing numerous singles, collaborations, and albums. Their signature sound has continued to captivate audiences, making them a prominent name in contemporary R&B, and their musical legacy continues to grow, bringing fans an ever-expanding collection of soulful, genre-blurring tracks. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Majid Jordan (Singles) album Cover

Majid Jordan (Singles) album cover

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