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Korean 216 January 1, 2013

MARK (마크) is a talented Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has been actively releasing music since January 1, 2013, and has collaborated with various artists as a featured artist. This article features a comprehensive collection of all his singles and featured songs, including their lyrics, from the time of his debut to the present day.

Over the years, MARK has released many hit singles, each with its unique sound and style. His impressive discography includes popular tracks such as "Baby Don't Like It," "Cherry Bomb," "Regular," and "Kick Back," among others. Additionally, MARK has collaborated with notable artists, both within and outside his agency, such as Red Velvet's Joy, EXO's Xiumin, and Jason Derulo, to name a few.

MARK's lyrics often delve into themes of youth, love, and self-discovery, resonating with many of his fans. From his earlier works to his more recent releases, his music has continued to evolve, showcasing his versatility and growth as an artist. Whether through his solo work or collaborations, MARK's music has proven to be a captivating blend of rap, singing, and unique musicality.

As MARK continues to release more music and collaborate with other artists, his dedicated fanbase eagerly awaits his next musical project, excited to see what he has in store. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Mark (Singles) album Cover

Mark (Singles) album cover

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