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English 20 January 1, 1964

Michael Jackson, the iconic American artist, transcended boundaries as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and humanitarian. His career, spanning from January 1, 1964, to 2009, is a testament to his unparalleled talent and enduring legacy in the music industry. Jackson's discography is a treasure trove of singles and featured collaborations that showcase his versatility and influence.

From his early beginnings with the Jackson 5 to his solo career, Jackson's singles are a chronicle of musical evolution. Beginning with hits like "I Want You Back" and "ABC" with the Jackson 5 in the 1960s, Jackson quickly emerged as a standout performer. Transitioning into his solo career in the 1970s, he dominated the charts with classics like "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "Rock with You" from his breakthrough album "Off the Wall."

The 1980s marked Jackson's ascent to global superstardom with the release of "Thriller," the best-selling album of all time. Singles like "Billie Jean," "Beat It," and the titular track "Thriller" became anthems of the era, showcasing Jackson's unparalleled talent as a performer and songwriter. Collaborations with artists like Paul McCartney on "Say Say Say" demonstrated his ability to cross genres and create timeless music.

Jackson's philanthropic endeavors were also reflected in his music. Tracks like "Man in the Mirror" and "Heal the World" exemplified his commitment to social change and humanitarian causes, using his platform to address issues like poverty and environmental conservation.

Through his singles and featured collaborations, Michael Jackson's music not only entertained but also inspired generations. His impact on popular culture and his contributions to music will continue to resonate for years to come, solidifying his place as one of the greatest artists of all time. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

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Michael Jackson (Singles) album cover

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