TXT – Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child Lyrics & Tracklist

Korean 2.3K May 9, 2022

Minisode 2: Thursday's Child is the fourth Korean-language extended play (EP) by South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together. It was released on May 9, 2022, through Big Hit Music and Republic Records. The EP, which is their fifth overall, centers on an "intense" and "dark" concept and features five tracks, including the lead single "Good Boy Gone Bad."

The EP has already garnered significant attention, with pre-orders for the album surpassing 810,000 copies just six days after the announcement, which is a significant increase from TXT's previous career high of 520,000 pre-orders for their previous EP, "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze." By the day of its release, "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child" had already surpassed 1.44 million pre-orders, demonstrating the group's increasing popularity and massive fanbase.

On its first day after release, the EP sold a staggering 910,000 copies, demonstrating the group's significant impact in the music industry. With "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child," TXT continues to push boundaries with their unique blend of pop and rock music, showcasing their exceptional talent and creativity. The EP has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with many praising the group's growth and maturity in their music and performances. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child album Cover

Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
  • Release Date
  • May 9, 2022
  • Producer(s)
  • AObeats, BEOMGYU, Brian Philips, EL CAPITXN, Jason Hahs, Revin, Sam Klempner, Slow Rabbit
  • Writer(s)
  • Alexander Karlsson, Andrew Okamura, ARCΛDES, Brian Philips, Bryn Christopher, Cate Downey, Cazzi Opeia, Cho Yoon Kyung, Chris James, danke