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English 144 January 1, 2010

NF, the American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, has built a reputation for his intense and emotional lyrics, as well as his hard-hitting beats. With a vast collection of singles and featured tracks, spanning over a decade from 2010 to the present day, NF's music has resonated with audiences all over the world.

From his early mixtapes, such as "Moments" and "I'm Free," to his latest releases, including "CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)" and "Lost," NF's music showcases his growth and evolution as an artist. His albums, including "Mansion," "Therapy Session," and "The Search," have all received critical acclaim, with each one charting higher than the last.

NF's music is known for its honest and confessional lyrics, often touching on themes such as mental health, relationships, and personal struggles. His raw emotion and vulnerability have helped him build a strong connection with his fans, who appreciate the authenticity of his work.

In addition to his solo work, NF has collaborated with a range of artists on featured tracks, such as "Why" with Mali Music, "Let You Down" with Ruelle, and "Paid My Dues" with Tommee Profitt. His music has also been featured in movies, television shows, and commercials, such as "Madden NFL 19" and "13 Reasons Why."

NF's talent and success have earned him numerous accolades, including multiple No. 1 albums on the Billboard charts, as well as several platinum and gold certifications. He has also been recognized for his advocacy work on mental health, partnering with organizations such as The Jed Foundation and To Write Love on Her Arms to raise awareness and provide resources to those in need.

With his unique style and compelling lyrics, NF has become one of the most influential and respected artists in the music industry. As he continues to push boundaries and evolve his sound, his impact on the scene is sure to be felt for years to come. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

NF (Singles) album Cover

NF (Singles) album cover

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