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Spanish 4 January 1, 2019

Nicki Nicole, the prominent Argentine rapper and singer, has carved an impressive trajectory in the Latin music scene since January 1, 2019, showcasing a diverse array of singles and collaborations. Kicking off in April 2019, she burst onto the scene with "Wapo Traketero," a vibrant track produced by Gonzalo Ferreyra, laying the foundation for her electrifying presence in the industry. Later that year, her collaboration with Argentine producer Bizarrap on the "Music Sessions" series garnered significant attention, propelling her to new heights as the song soared to number three on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100.

Continuing her streak, in August of the same year, Nicki Nicole unleashed "Años Luz," her second single, further solidifying her position as a rising star. The pinnacle of her early career arrived in November 2019 with the release of her debut album, "Recuerdos." Produced in collaboration with Bizarrap and featuring powerhouse artists such as Cazzu and Duki, the album showcased her versatility and cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with.

In the following years, Nicki Nicole's star continued to rise. In May 2020, "Colocao" captured audiences, climbing to number six on the Argentina Hot 100 and making waves in Spain. Her groundbreaking collaboration with Trueno and Bizarrap on "Mamichula" in August of the same year marked a historic moment, as she became the first Argentine woman to top the Argentina Hot 100 chart. The track's success extended to Spain, where it reached number one and achieved platinum certification.

Further milestones punctuated her career, including a notable appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in April 2021 alongside Lunay, where she showcased her talent to a global audience. In October 2021, she unveiled her latest album, "Parte de Mí," blending tracks from her early repertoire with new offerings and collaborations with esteemed artists like Rauw Alejandro and Trueno. Notably, her collaboration with Los Ángeles Azules on "Otra Noche" in November 2021 and subsequent ventures like "Entre Nosotros Remix" and "Marisola Remix" underscored her ability to continually captivate audiences with her dynamic music and unwavering passion for her craft. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Nicki Nicole (Singles) album Cover

Nicki Nicole (Singles) album cover

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