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English 266 January 1, 1965

Pink Floyd, the legendary English rock band, has released a vast collection of singles and featured songs spanning from their debut in 1965 to the present day. Their music has captivated audiences worldwide with its experimental sounds, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful messages.

From their early years as a psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd's music has evolved into a genre-defying and experimental sound that continues to inspire musicians and fans alike. Their singles and featured tracks have become classics in their own right, with each release showcasing the band's musical range and creative talent.

Some of Pink Floyd's most popular singles include "See Emily Play" (1967), "Money" (1973), "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" (1979), "Not Now John" (1983), "On the Turning Away" (1987), and "High Hopes" (1994). Each of these tracks showcases the band's ability to combine thought-provoking lyrics with innovative sounds, creating a unique and timeless listening experience.

Pink Floyd has also been featured on many other artist's songs throughout their career, adding their signature sound to a range of different musical styles. These collaborations have resulted in some of the band's most memorable tracks, including "Arnold Layne" with David Bowie, "Wish You Were Here" with Kate Bush, and "Comfortably Numb" with Van Morrison.

With such a vast collection of singles and featured tracks, Pink Floyd's music continues to inspire and captivate fans worldwide. From their psychedelic beginnings to their experimental soundscapes, their music remains timeless and continues to influence generations of musicians and music lovers alike. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Pink Floyd (Singles) album Cover

Pink Floyd (Singles) album cover

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