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English 7 January 1, 2002

Rachel Platten is a celebrated American singer-songwriter and author, widely acclaimed for her compelling anthems and poignant lyrics that resonate deeply with audiences. Her musical journey spans from January 1, 2002, to the present day, marked by a remarkable collection of singles and featured collaborations.

In 2003, Platten introduced herself to the music scene with her debut studio album, "Trust in Me," which she fondly referred to as a compilation of her early demos. This initial foray laid the foundation for her distinctive style and resonant voice. Following this, her sophomore album, "Be Here," emerged in 2011 under the Rock Ridge Music label, showcasing her evolving artistry and songwriting prowess.

However, it was with the release of her major-label debut, "Wildfire," on January 1, 2015, that Platten truly captured global attention. This album catapulted her to new heights of success, propelled by the infectious anthem "Fight Song." This empowering track quickly ascended the charts, securing top positions in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, among others.

Throughout her career, Platten's music has found resonance beyond traditional album releases. Her singles, including "1,000 Ships," which peaked at number 24 on the US Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, and "Seven Weeks," featured in the film "The Good Guy," have showcased her versatility and ability to craft universally appealing melodies.

Platten's impact extends beyond the music industry, with her songs becoming synonymous with various television shows and platforms. From the theme song for ABC Family's "Jane by Design," titled "Work of Art," to contributions to hit series like "Pretty Little Liars" and "Finding Carter," her music has underscored poignant moments and captured the essence of storytelling on screen.

On June 27, 2014, Platten further solidified her presence with the debut of "Fight Song" on the social networking platform We Heart It, igniting a fervent response from fans and critics alike. Through her unwavering commitment to authenticity and empowerment, Rachel Platten continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide with her extraordinary talent and heartfelt lyrics. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Rachel Platten (Singles) album Cover

Rachel Platten (Singles) album cover

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