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Turkish 261 January 1, 2018

Reckol is a talented Turkish rapper and songwriter who has been actively releasing music since January 1, 2018. With a growing fan base, Reckol has gained recognition for his unique blend of rap and hip-hop music that often incorporates elements of Turkish culture. Over the years, Reckol has released a number of singles and has been featured in several hit songs.

From the time of his debut in 2018 to the present day, Reckol has released numerous tracks, each showcasing his distinctive sound and style. Some of his popular singles include "Nefretim Dinamit" (2018), "Zehir Gibi" (2019), "İtirazım Var" (2020), and "Alem Buysa" (2021). These songs feature Reckol's signature rapid-fire delivery, along with catchy hooks and beats that are sure to get listeners moving.

In addition to his solo work, Reckol has also collaborated with other artists in the Turkish music scene. He has been featured on tracks by fellow rappers such as Hidra, Ceg, and Kamufle. One of his most notable collaborations was with the popular Turkish rock band, Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz, on the song "Koridor" (2019).

Reckol's lyrics often touch on themes of social commentary, personal experiences, and the struggles of everyday life. His music has resonated with fans across Turkey and beyond, making him a rising star in the rap world. With each new release, Reckol continues to showcase his talent as a rapper and songwriter, and fans eagerly await his next project. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Reckol (Singles) album Cover

Reckol (Singles) album cover

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