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English 438 March 26, 1973

"Ring Ring" is the debut studio album by ABBA, the internationally renowned Swedish pop group. Initially, the album was credited to "Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida" as ABBA had not yet adopted their famous name at the time of its release.

The album made its debut in Scandinavia on 26th March 1973, and a limited number of copies were also released in several other territories, including West Germany, Australia, South Africa, and Mexico, through Polar Music.

Ring Ring was an immediate hit in several countries, topping the charts in Belgium and achieving great success in the Netherlands, Norway, and South Africa. The album was appreciated for its catchy tunes, vibrant instrumentation, and ABBA's exceptional vocal performances. It received widespread critical acclaim and helped ABBA to establish their musical identity and solidify their place in the music industry.

The album was eventually re-released in Australasia in 1975, but it wasn't until 1992 that it was released in the United Kingdom, and in 1995 in the United States. Despite its delayed release in these territories, Ring Ring continued to resonate with fans worldwide and showcased ABBA's musical diversity and creativity.

In summary, Ring Ring marked the beginning of ABBA's incredible journey to become one of the world's most beloved and successful pop groups. Its impressive debut in multiple countries paved the way for their future success and cemented their reputation as pop music icons. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Ring Ring album Cover

Ring Ring album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
  • Release Date
  • March 26, 1973
  • Producer(s)
  • Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
  • Writer(s)
  • Agnetha Fältskog, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody, Stig Anderson