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English 582 January 1, 1975

Sex Pistols is an iconic English punk rock band that has left a lasting impression on the music industry. Their influence can be seen in the punk and alternative music scenes even to this day. The band released numerous singles and featured songs throughout their career, starting from January 1, 1975, and continuing up to the present day.

Their songs are known for their aggressive and rebellious nature, and their lyrics often touched on controversial subjects, making them a favorite among fans who related to their punk rock ethos. The band's singles and featured songs were significant contributions to the punk rock movement and have become anthems for generations of fans.

The band's discography includes a wide range of music styles, including fast-paced punk rock tracks, political commentaries, and rebellious anthems that touched on social issues. The lyrics of their songs were often critical of society and authority, making them a powerful voice for young people who felt marginalized and unheard.

Despite their short-lived career, the Sex Pistols' music has remained popular over the years, and their impact on the music industry cannot be denied. Their singles and featured songs have inspired countless musicians and continue to be influential in the punk rock and alternative music scenes. If you're looking to explore the band's music, be sure to check out their extensive catalog of singles and featured songs, and experience the raw energy and power of the Sex Pistols. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Sex Pistols (Singles) album Cover

Sex Pistols (Singles) album cover

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