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English 454 October 13, 2023

"Something to Give Each Other" is a third studio album from the incredibly talented Australian singer, Troye Sivan. After a five-year hiatus since his 2018 release "Bloom," this musical offering marks a triumphant return to the global stage. The album, a collaboration between EMI Music Australia and Capitol Records, was officially unveiled to the world on October 13, 2023.

The lead-up to the album's release was nothing short of thrilling, with Sivan tantalizing fans through social media platforms like Instagram. On June 9, 2023, he unveiled a captivating teaser, chronicling his journey through the years, from his very first YouTube upload to his current artistic evolution. This teaser not only generated immense excitement but also provided a glimpse of the forthcoming music video for the album's lead single, "Rush."

Sivan's dedication to crafting "Something to Give Each Other" was unwavering, despite his demanding schedule. Over the course of half a decade, he meticulously worked on the album, weaving his experiences and artistic growth into each track. This dedication and creative integrity shine through in every note of the album.

The album's title, "Something to Give Each Other," is rooted in the lyrics of its singles, "Rush" and "Got Me Started." These tracks serve as a melodic introduction to the thematic depth and emotional resonance that this album promises. To coincide with the album's official release, a third single, "One of Your Girls," was shared with the world, further underscoring Sivan's musical prowess and evolution.

With "Something to Give Each Other," Troye Sivan invites us on a musical journey that reflects his growth, experiences, and creative prowess over the past half-decade. This album is not merely a collection of songs but a sonic testament to his dedication to his craft and the remarkable evolution of an artist who has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Something To Give Each Other album Cover

Something To Give Each Other album cover

Cast & Crew

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  • October 13, 2023
  • Producer(s)
  • A. G. Cook, Ian Kirkpatrick, NOVODOR, OZGO, Styalz Fuego & Zhone
  • Writer(s)
  • A. G. Cook, Alex Chapman, Christopher Stracey, Guitarricadelafuente, Ian Kirkpatrick, Jack Glass, Jessica Pratt, Leland, Nick Ward, NOVODOR, OZGO, Styalz Fuego, Tayla Parx, Troye Sivan & Zhone