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English 350 September 4, 2020

"TattleTales" is the second studio album by American rapper 6ix9ine. It was released on September 4, 2020. "Dummy Boy" which came out shortly after his arrest in November 2018. The album features guest appearances from notable artists such as Akon, Nicki Minaj, Smilez, Leftside, and DJ Akademiks.

"TattleTales" garnered considerable attention and critical acclaim, earning the rapper his third top-10 album as it debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 charts. In its first week, the album sold 53,000 album-equivalent units, with 32,000 copies sold in physicals and 32.94 million on-demand streams of the set's tracks in the week ending September 19.

With the album's release, 6ix9ine continued to showcase his unique style of rap, characterized by its aggressive delivery and catchy hooks, often accompanied by flamboyant and provocative visuals. However, the rapper's controversial past and public persona have also garnered criticism, with some critics accusing him of promoting toxic masculinity and glorifying violence and drug use in his music.

Despite the controversies surrounding him, "TattleTales" proved to be a commercial success, cementing 6ix9ine's position as a prominent figure in the rap scene. The album's chart-topping success and the rapper's loyal fanbase suggest that he will continue to make waves in the music industry for years to come. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

TattleTales album Cover

TattleTales album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
  • Release Date
  • September 4, 2020
  • Producer(s)
  • Akon, Anthony Flammia, Beat Demons, Dinay, Jahnei Clarke, Jasper Harris, Kybba, Limitless, Payday & Ramoon
  • Writer(s)
  • 6ix9ine, Akon, Anthony Flammia, Anuel AA, The Beat Menace, BF, Craig Parks, DJ Akademiks & DJ Luian