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Māori 583 September 9, 2021

Te Ao Mārama, which means "world of light" in Māori, is an extended play (EP) by the renowned New Zealand singer-songwriter, Lorde. The EP, released on 9th September 2021, is the first project by Lorde to feature performances of her songs entirely in the Māori language. The EP is a reimagining of five tracks from her third studio album, Solar Power, and showcases Lorde's dedication to exploring her country's indigenous culture.

Lorde's decision to release an EP entirely in the Māori language is a significant step towards revitalizing the language and culture of New Zealand's indigenous people. The EP is a beautiful tribute to the country's rich heritage and serves to elevate the Māori language to a global audience. Furthermore, Lorde's collaboration with various Māori artists and language experts highlights her commitment to the cultural sensitivity and authenticity of the project.

Te Ao Mārama has been critically acclaimed for its artistic and cultural significance. The EP is not only a celebration of Māori language and culture but also a reminder of the importance of preserving indigenous languages and cultures worldwide. The five tracks featured on the EP, "The Pathway," "Solar Power," "California," "Stoned at the Nail Salon," and "Oceanic Feeling," are reimagined with Māori lyrics and a unique sound, showcasing the versatility and creativity of Lorde's artistry.

Overall, Te Ao Mārama is a powerful and significant project that showcases Lorde's cultural awareness, respect, and artistic abilities. By releasing an EP in the Māori language, Lorde has not only contributed to the revitalization of the language but also set an example for other artists to appreciate and celebrate indigenous cultures. The EP is a beautiful reminder of the richness of Māori language and culture and a celebration of New Zealand's diverse heritage. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Te Ao Mārama album Cover

Te Ao Mārama album cover

Cast & Crew

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  • September 9, 2021
  • Producer(s)
  • Jack Antonoff & Lorde
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  • Jack Antonoff, Lorde & Malay