NiziU – U Lyrics & Tracklist

Japanese 383 November 24, 2021

"U" marks the inaugural full-length studio album by the sensational Japanese girl group, NiziU, a milestone in their musical journey. This highly anticipated album, unveiled on November 24, 2021, under the banner of Epic Records Japan, comprises a total of 12 tracks. Notably, it features all five singles released prior to the album's launch, demonstrating the group's evolution and mastery in the music scene.

At the forefront of "U" is the lead single "Chopstick," a captivating composition that serves as a compelling introduction to the album's diverse musical landscape. Adding an extra layer of exclusivity, the album includes a special single titled "Need U," enriching the listening experience with its unique sound and artistic expression.

A distinctive aspect of the album lies in its limited edition version B, which contributes seven additional tracks, providing enthusiasts with an extended and immersive musical adventure. This variant of the album offers an even more comprehensive glimpse into NiziU's artistic prowess and creative range.

For enthusiasts and collectors alike, "U" is made available in three physical versions— a standard edition and two distinct limited edition versions, labeled A and B. Each version not only encapsulates the essence of the album but also presents a visual and auditory spectacle that resonates with the group's vibrant identity.

With this release, NiziU solidifies its presence as a formidable force in the global music arena, showcasing not only their individual talents but also their collective synergy. "U" stands as a testament to the group's dedication to their craft, inviting listeners into a world of sonic innovation and lyrical brilliance. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

U album Cover

U album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
  • Release Date
  • November 24, 2021
  • Producer(s)
  • B-Rock, earattack, HotSauce, J-Lin, J.Y. Park, Larmòók, Lee Hae Sol, MEG, Oliver Fernström, SOMA GENDA & Trippy

  • Writer(s)
  • Anna Timgren, B-Rock, Charlotte Wilson, Ciara Muscat, collapsedone, earattack, Frankie Day, Hayley Aitken, HotSauce, J-Lin, Jonathan Bratthall-Tideman, Junya Maesako, J.Y. Park, Kanata Okajima, KENTZ, Lee Hae Sol, Mayu Wakisaka, MEG, Oliver Fernström, Ollipop, PHOENIX Storm, Safari Natsukawa, Sim Eunjee, SOMA GENDA, Tim Tan, Trippy, Yui Kimura, Yui Mugino & Yuka Matsumoto