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English 18 January 1, 2018

Song Yuqi (YUQI), a multitalented artist based in South Korea, has made significant waves in the K-pop scene as a singer, dancer, and rapper. Debuting as a member of the acclaimed girl group (G)I-DLE on May 2nd, 2018, with their album "I am," YUQI quickly captivated audiences with her unique blend of vocals, dance prowess, and rap skills. Notably, her deep, charming voice has drawn comparisons to renowned artists like MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Stray Kids’s Felix, setting her apart as a standout talent within the industry.

Throughout her career with (G)I-DLE, YUQI has showcased her versatility, not only as a performer but also as a lyricist, contributing to the group's hits with her songwriting skills. In 2021, she took a significant step in her solo career with the release of the single album "A Page," featuring two full-English tracks. However, it was in 2024 that YUQI made her mainstream solo Korean debut with the highly anticipated album "YUQ1," marking a new chapter in her musical journey.

Beyond her solo endeavors, YUQI has collaborated with fellow artists such as YENA and Alan Walker, expanding her reach and exploring diverse musical styles. Additionally, she has lent her talents to various projects, including providing original soundtracks for popular series and webtoons, further cementing her status as a versatile and in-demand artist.

YUQI's creative pursuits extend beyond music, as she has ventured into songwriting, composition, and even entertainment hosting. Notably, she debuted as a songwriter and composer in 2020 with "I'm the Trend," a song dedicated to (G)I-dle's dedicated fanbase. Her involvement in diverse entertainment ventures, from hosting original programs to participating in reality shows, demonstrates her multifaceted talents and dynamic presence in the industry.

With her continued passion for music, dance, and entertainment, YUQI remains a rising star to watch, captivating audiences with her talent, charisma, and boundless creativity. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

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Last Update: April 23, 2024
Yuqi (Singles) album Cover

Yuqi (Singles) album cover

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