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German 657 October 8, 2021

Zuhältertape Volume 5 is the latest album released by German rapper Kollegah on October 8, 2021. This album is the fifth installment in the Zuhältertape series, which started with his debut mixtape in 2005.

Kollegah has built a reputation for his unique style and approach to rap music, and this album is no different. He has maintained his signature sound, blending hard-hitting beats with lyrical prowess, and exploring a wide range of themes throughout the album.

The album features collaborations with several prominent artists, including German rapper Seyed, as well as international artists like Rick Ross and T.I. The tracks on the album showcase Kollegah's versatility and range as an artist, from the introspective "Guter Hirte" to the high-energy "Kosmonaut."

Zuhältertape Volume 5 has been highly anticipated by Kollegah's fans, and it has already received critical acclaim for its creative vision and powerful delivery. The album has also been a commercial success, debuting at the top of the German album charts and solidifying Kollegah's position as one of the leading figures in the German rap scene.

Overall, Zuhältertape Volume 5 is a testament to Kollegah's dedication to his craft and his ability to push boundaries in the rap genre. It is a must-listen for any fan of Kollegah or anyone looking for a fresh take on modern rap music. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Zuhältertape Volume 5 Album Tracklist

Last Update: August 28, 2023
Zuhältertape Volume 5 album Cover

Zuhältertape Volume 5 album cover

Cast & Crew

  • Artist/Band
  • Release Date
  • October 8, 2021
  • Producer(s)
  • 2Bough, Dinski Beats, Freshmaker, Jetmir Sherifi, Johnny Illstrument
  • Writer(s)
  • Farid Bang, Freshmaker, Johnny Illstrument, Joznez, Kollegah