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English 224 July 4, 2024
The lyrics of "Bathwater" by Zach Bryan is a poignant and introspective song that delves into themes of self-reflection, struggle, and change. The lyrics capture the essence of a personal journey marked by the ups and downs of life, relationships, and the pursuit of authenticity. Bryan uses vivid imagery and heartfelt expressions to convey his internal conflicts and the bittersweet nature of growth and self-discovery. The song explores the tension between past and present selves, the impact of decisions, and the inevitability of change. It also touches on the themes of identity, belonging, and the influence of one's roots. ...Read More

Bathwater Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: Zach Bryan]
Coffee cold this morning
You're getting rid of me
Got drunk, fell asleep and woke up
In Eastern Tennessee

[Verse 2: Zach Bryan]
Woke up on the wrong side
Of a lifelong fight between
Who I was, who I am
And which one's right

[Verse 3: Zach Bryan]
Baby's out with the bathwater
He ain't got no chance
Oklahoma knows the old ya
So boy, get up and dance

[Verse 4: Zach Bryan]
These songs used to free me
Now there's nothing free in this
Just 808 beats, what we used to be
And back-door politics

[Verse 5: Zach Bryan]
Now everyone I knows an outlaw
Country to their core
But the only outlaw I've known
Served in the Corps

[Outro: Zach Bryan]
And I ain't heard "Shakе the Frost"
In a couple years or morе

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Bathwater Lyrics Explained

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Bathwater" song?

"Bathwater" song is sung by Zach Bryan.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Bathwater" song?

"Bathwater" song lyrics written by Zach Bryan.

Who is the music producer of "Bathwater" song?

"Bathwater" song music composed & produced by Zach Bryan.

When was "Bathwater" song released?

"Bathwater" song was released on July 4, 2024.