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English 152 July 29, 2020
Campfire Story Lyrics by DC The Don from DC The Don (Singles). The music is produced by SephGotTheWaves, and Trademark, while lyrics are written by Garza, and DC The Don. The music track was released on July 29, 2020.

Campfire Story Song Lyrics

[Intro: DC The Don]
No, no, no, no
Come and party with the gang, live this life now
She ain't wanna fall in love with this lifestyle
You ain't know you fell in love with a rockstar
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Ayy, this is a Trademark production)

[Verse 1: DC The Don]
She ain't know she fell in love with a rockstar
B!tch, I'm going fast
I hit the drag in my NASCAR
Gucci tiger stripes
This sh!t come straight from Madagascar, yeah
Met a shawty yesterday
Now I'm her father, yeah (Yeah)
And I gotta keep a stick, Harry Potter, yeah
B!tch, don't flock around the gang
You'll get slaughtered, yeah
Dropped her now she teaching you the lingo
That I taught her (Oh)
Dropped her, she still flexing with the Louis
That I bought her
Dropped her, and this time this sh!t is real
I ain't gone call her
I'm finna go retarded, uh
Pull up, now it's time to get started, uh
Foenem in this party, uh
DC in this party (Yeah)
We all in this party (Yeah)
We gone turn it up (Oh)
I don't want no problems, get your b!tch
She tryna f**k (Yeah)
Please beware, lil' shawty
This sh!t can get real ugly
Swear you n!ggas dusty, I told that boy
"Don't touch me" (Oh yeah, yeah)
Going so hard, they wanna bust me (What?)
Lil' George been up off that dro
He smoking musty
I still beat the brakes up off her
When I'm rusty (Yeah)
And I know I'm hella late
But girl, don't rush me
You not that important
I can't ever chase no b!tch
'cause I don't wanna crease my Jordans
I been going too fast
Great road vision, don't crash
When you see me, no mask
And I'm in a black Jag, but you knew this
Boy, you don't want problems
You ain't stupid (Huh?)
I call up big Marco
He gone slide down with them toolies
Yeah, she just fell in love with my music
She like Trademark and DC
We gone do this (Yeah)

[Verse 2: DC The Don]
Ayy, this the renegade, had me wounded
Damn girl, you so clueless (Yeah)
Champagne, ice included
I'm out with the dawgs
I ain't talking, no, muted (Yeah)
I'm f**ked up, it's so confusing (Huh?)
What's wrong with your heart
Girl, that sh!t is diluted (Yeah)
You really can't talk
And this sh!t came to it (Yeah)
Ayy, keep this sh!t a hundred
You ain't think I could do it
And oh yeah, I kept this sh!t one hundred (What?)
So I don't care how you thinking you view it
Oh yeah, been dreaming 'bout something
So I damn near go had to pursue it
And oh, yeah, to the world, I'm the rudest
Girl, these positive vibes is exclusive
And oh, yeah, butterflies in her stomach
Now a n!gga can go reproduce it, oh, yeah
F**k your problems, girl
We gone meet the sun, sun, yeah
F**k your knowledge, girl
We finna land like one someday
She said, "Boy, you so solid
F**k around, you could change the world someday"
Let me pop my collar, ayy bruh
Just chill, we gone go number one someday (Haha)
Someday, yeah (Oh, oh)

[Outro: DC The Don]
Now she crying in the club
Because they playing my songs
Baby, this is my song
Yeah, I'm in the club, they playing my song
Should have never played with the kid (Yeah)
Now she tripping every time I try to call
Yeah, yeah

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Campfire Story" song?

"Campfire Story" song is sung by DC The Don.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Campfire Story" song?

"Campfire Story" song lyrics written by Garza & DC The Don.

Who is the music producer of "Campfire Story" song?

"Campfire Story" song music composed & produced by SephGotTheWaves & Trademark.

When was "Campfire Story" song released?

"Campfire Story" song was released on July 29, 2020.