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English 5 May 24, 2024
"Canada" by Wallows, sung by Dylan Minnette, is a heartfelt song about longing, romantic interest, and the desire for a deeper connection with someone special. The lyrics convey the emotions of someone who is infatuated and fascinated by another person, reflecting on moments they have shared and expressing a wish to explore a potential relationship further. The song captures the excitement and uncertainty that often accompanies new romantic feelings, as well as the hope that these feelings might be reciprocated. ...Read More

Canada Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette]
Wake up in the morning light
Only got you in mind
Wonder if you think of me
Wonder if you'd give me time
Tell me if it's out of line
That I'd give you all mine
I know we've only hardly met
Remember every word you said
The way we sat in the heat
And you wiped off my sweat
The way you grazed my arm
The way you got in my head
Maybe you should come inside
Maybe we could talk all night
You don't have to mince your words
Anything you say is fine
I can always slow it down
We can take the long way 'round
But I think you havе what I need
And maybe I need it now
You don't need to make a sound
You know I can hold it down
Everything you hopе to find
I think I've already found
So what you waiting for?
And will you come back for more?
I wanna show you it all
What we could have in store

[Chorus: Dylan Minnette]
It's just something about you
All the things that you do
Make me see the end through
Oh, oh

[Verse 2: Dylan Minnette]
Take me back to where you're from
All the way to day one
Everything that led you here
And then we'll keep adding on
So what are we waiting for?
I'm not looking anymore
So let me give you a key
To ever unlock my door

[Chorus: Dylan Minnette]
It's just something about you
All the things that you do
Make me see the end through
Oh, oh

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Canada" song?

"Canada" song is sung by Wallows.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Canada" song?

"Canada" song lyrics written by Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston & Nate Mercereau.

Who is the music producer of "Canada" song?

"Canada" song music composed & produced by John Congleton.

When was "Canada" song released?

"Canada" song was released on May 24, 2024.