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Life Of A Real G (Freestyle) Lyrics by Digga D from Digga D (Singles). The music is produced by Digga D, while lyrics are written by Digga D. The music track was released on March 17, 2022.

Life Of A Real G (Freestyle) Song Lyrics

[Intro: Digga D]
F**k them old spinners and them rusty shotguns
You know it's fresh semi automatic hand guns
You get me?
We want it from the high power, the grand power
SK, AK, we outside all day
You get me?
Up close and personal, head shots point blank
Go home and watch off the jail cell

[Verse 1: Digga D]
Half a milly watch box, winter time, drop tops
Million pound convoy got the whole strip locked off
Urus Cullinan, G Wagon, SVRs
All I gotta do is point and l!ck my girl blast off
Top shelf, Cali weed, good white, banging B
Man will switch randomly
And leaving man's a casualty
Bad b!tches, BBL's, nothing but freaky girls
Had to swap the fizzy for the glizzy
'cause we needed shells
Emerald cut diamonds, cuban chains shining
Time in confinement, razor blades slicing
Touch road, done loads, you know I breached license
Done a recall my people was getting spice in
10K Wandsworth, accounts getting hot now
DST spun the G, now A wings pop down
Ever popped a paigon and left his face chopped out?
You ain't never made the whole jail go on lockdown

[Hook: Digga D]
You get me, real f**king savage
And this thing f**king twisted
Youngest richest littlest n!gga in my f**king city
Next generation, you know the f**king vibes
Free the guys, free all the lifers
Free the shooters, free the knifers
Real f**king G's in this thing, you get me?
CGM, you know the vibe, suck your mother

[Verse 2: Digga D]
CGM, SSK, first then we'll let it spray
Stone bridge of heavy weights
Tons of n!ggas getting paid
Real side of Camden, Peckwater, Cumbo
Anytime I give Drillz a drop, yo he's on go
Lower tall six-seven chilling with a big weapon
Birmingham, if you're on to tallerz
Then I'm ching checking
Digga's fresh home, moving loose
Told them "Take time"
Bluwuu, you know I f**k with A9
E Jojo, Eman, free the whole Rayners
Never have I seen an LA yute without his shavers
Homerton, Holly Street n!gga is a proper neek
Any time I see n!gga it's getting popping G
The real side of Bush, we're straight and in Hayes
Any time I see n!gga's getting laid out
You ain't never sat outside a crib with the stake out
Hit a hundred grand l!ck and had to skate out

[Outro: Digga D]
Life of a Real G, Life of a Real G
Life of a Real G, Life of a Real G
Life of a Real G, Life of a Real G
Life of a Real G, Life of a Real G
Life of a Real G, Life of a Real G
Life of a Real G, Life of a Real G

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song?

"Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song is sung by Digga D.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song?

"Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song lyrics written by Digga D.

Who is the music producer of "Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song?

"Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song music composed & produced by Digga D.

When was "Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song released?

"Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)" song was released on March 17, 2022.