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The lyrics of "Lucky Enough" by Zach Bryan is a spoken word piece reflecting on the complexities and simplicities of life, dreams, and the passage of time. The lyrics convey a sense of gratitude and introspection, exploring the idea of what it means to be "lucky" in life. Bryan speaks to the experiences he hopes to have, the lessons he wishes to learn, and the people he aspires to meet along his journey. There is a recurrent theme of appreciating the little moments, facing hardships, and finding joy in both success and failure. The piece also touches on the inevitability of aging and the wisdom that comes with it. Bryan's words are filled with a deep yearning to live a full, meaningful life, embracing both the good and the bad with equal measure. ...Read More

Lucky Enough Song Lyrics

[Spoken Word: Zach Bryan]
If I'm lucky enough, I'll see fogs lift with suns
As we roll to play a show in Carolina, Oklahoma or Chicago
I'll grow to know the road to home in places far away
Wrinkled, bald and beat to sh!t to never waste a day
Enough people will hate me that I know I did it right
But to never meet a human being that I say that I don't like
Let me learn the hard way and cut it close sometimes
That youth is the attic chest where every lesson lies
I'll have some kids and teach them that we are all the same
Suffering, smiling, silhouettes of every passing day
The love I have will always be something my friends yearn
My memories were never cheap and never easy earned
I hope to choke on jack and coke in a bar during a northern winter
On a night the band was tight and right as rooftop lights fl!cker
If I'm lucky enough, I'll understand losing someone close
I'll clench my teeth on New Year's Eve and try to talk to ghosts
I'll stumble through a market on a Sunday in June
Smell the salt and asphalt on Sunday afternoon
I reckon I'd be lucky if I made it half as far
To only die on hills that are closest to my heart
If I'm lucky enough, notebooks will be strewn across my room
I'll play catch on green grass where sprin'time flowers bloom
If I'm lucky enough, I'll tell the truth every chance I get
'Cause smiles faked to appease another is worth ten regrets
If I'm lucky enough, I will get through hard things
And they will make me gentle to the ways of the world
If I'm lucky enough, I'll have the courage to leave and go
Wherever my beating heart tells me to go
If I'm lucky enough, I'll get high and invite a guitar player over
And he'll play sweet notes until a New York City-rooftop sun rises
I'll meet some kids in school that still know how to play instruments
If I'm lucky enough, I'll make it exactly to where I'm taking this breath now
Lay my head upon the earth and laugh at passing clouds
If I'm lucky enough, I'll remember the shaky things we’ve seen
Grab your beer through tears and fears, the great American bar scene

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Lucky Enough" song?

"Lucky Enough" song is sung by Zach Bryan.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Lucky Enough" song?

"Lucky Enough" song lyrics written by Zach Bryan.

Who is the music producer of "Lucky Enough" song?

"Lucky Enough" song music composed & produced by Zach Bryan.

When was "Lucky Enough" song released?

"Lucky Enough" song was released on July 4, 2024.