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English 208 June 28, 2024
The lyrics of "Pedro" by Omar Apollo, explore themes of personal reflection, emotional turmoil, and a search for solace amidst uncertainty. The narrative unfolds through introspective verses and a spoken interlude by Pedro Pascal, weaving together a tale of vulnerability and resilience. Apollo's poetic imagery delves into longing and self-discovery, while Pascal's recollection adds a poignant layer of raw emotion and existential questioning. Together, they paint a picture of seeking redemption and finding strength in unexpected places. ...Read More

Pedro Song Lyrics

[Intro: Omar Apollo]
If meadows was a man
Would you trade me for your land?
Mine still have a misty dew
Something I can offer you
If I could get the chance
Would you train me with your hands?
Hold me with a magnitude
That takes me to a better view

[Spoken: Pedro Pascal]
Mm, okay, I'm not sure how to start this
I remember I finished a job
And I was too scared to go back to the US
It was, like, second-wave COVID in Europe
And, um, I was going from Budapest to Switzerland
That was a place that I could get to to buy some time
And figure out what I would do before Christmas
And I also arrived, um, very shattered
Uh, I'd had an incredible time on a job
But my heart was, uh, pretty shattered by something
And, uh, and I remember walking
I think it must've been Lucerne
I remember thinking the, the saying like, um
"It brought me to my knees"
And it was this sort of residential area
And I remember just literally being kind of brought to my knees
By a park bench, and, um
And I remember asking the park bench to come alive and save me
'Cause I didn't feel like there was kind of any moment past that moment
But there was, there was
I can't believe I'm sending you this

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Pedro Lyrics Explained

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Pedro" song?

"Pedro" song is sung by Omar Apollo.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Pedro" song?

"Pedro" song lyrics written by Omar Apollo, Teo Halm & Pedro Pascal.

Who is the music producer of "Pedro" song?

"Pedro" song music composed & produced by Teo Halm & Omar Apollo.

When was "Pedro" song released?

"Pedro" song was released on June 28, 2024.