Pink Xoxo Lyrics – Camila Cabello

English 16 June 28, 2024
The lyrics of "Pink Xoxo" by Camila Cabello and PinkPantheress delves into the complexities of romantic feelings, the uncertainty that comes with them, and the blurred lines between thoughts and emotions when infatuated with someone. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and confusion, as the protagonists grapple with their feelings for each other. They acknowledge their mutual attraction but are unsure about how the other person truly feels, leading to a mix of excitement and paranoia. The song captures the delicate dance of a burgeoning relationship, where emotions are intense, and the fear of misinterpretation or rejection looms large. ...Read More

Pink Xoxo Song Lyrics

[Verse: Camila Cabello & PinkPantheress]
Please don't be mistaken
I could think about you all the time
Tell me if you think so
But I really think your thoughts are mine
(Here's one for you)
I could be mistaken
But I think again, we crossed the line
Long as I can sense that shaky feeling
When I feel you, like (It's paranoia)

[Outro: PinkPantheress]
(Please don't cry)

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Pink Xoxo Lyrics Explained

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Pink Xoxo" song?

"Pink Xoxo" song is sung by Camila Cabello.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Pink Xoxo" song?

"Pink Xoxo" song lyrics written by Camila Cabello, PinkPantheress, Jasper Harris & El Guincho.

Who is the music producer of "Pink Xoxo" song?

"Pink Xoxo" song music composed & produced by Jasper Harris & El Guincho.

When was "Pink Xoxo" song released?

"Pink Xoxo" song was released on June 28, 2024.