Rockstar Lifestyle Lyrics – Ken Carson

English 3 October 13, 2023
The lyrics of "Rockstar Lifestyle" by Ken Carson is a song that explores the extravagant and carefree lifestyle of a modern-day rockstar. The lyrics reflect themes of wealth, drug use, promiscuity, and defiance against societal norms and authority. Ken Carson portrays himself as a larger-than-life figure who indulges in excesses and flaunts his success without any filters. The song captures the essence of living in the moment, embracing luxury, and rejecting conventional expectations. Throughout the lyrics, Ken Carson emphasizes his dominance, both in his personal life and in the music industry, while also highlighting the consequences and dangers of such a lifestyle. ...Read More

Rockstar Lifestyle Song Lyrics

[Intro: Ken Carson]
Like, back when n!ggas ain't have nothing
And all these hoes just f**king for fun, no money like
Now this sh!t different, yuh

[Verse: Ken Carson]
I'm 'bout to drop the ceiling, yeah
I'm 'bout to drop my album, I'm 'bout to kill 'em
Lil' b!tch, I say whatever I want, I ain't got no filter
If I bought her as* and t!tt!es, huh, huh, then I built her, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I built her
I been sipping codeine, I don't give no f**ks about my liver
Pass that cup, pour me up
Rockstar lifestyle, yeah, I been off these drugs
Rockstar lifestyle, yeah, she don't give no f**ks
I just flew your b!tch out to India
I smokе hybrid, huh, huh, this ain't no Indica
Like a wrestler, I'm 'bout to hit this b!tch with my finishеr
Fatality, Mortal Kombat, yeah, I'm ending her
Huh, huh, pull out track, huh, huh, quarterback
Huh, huh, put it on the floor, I need more of that, yeah, yeah
You looking for me, b!tch, I'm posted in the cul-de-sac
Yeah, yeah, cul-de-sac, yeah, yeah
Swipe sh!t, pipe sh!t
Yeah, rockstar, that's my type, b!tch
Opium aesthetic, yeah, type sh!t
VVS diamonds on my right wrist, and my left
Carats in my ear, now I can't hear sh!t, yeah, I'm deaf
You can ask my partners, I been popping sh!t since I was twelve
I got pounds 'bout to land, ayy, keep your eyes on the mail
I'm Ken Carson, I'm bigger than the law
I ain't going back to jail, yeah, yeah
F**k 12, yeah, yeah
I ain't leaving no evidence 'cause the stick came with a shell catcher
If my partner flip your sh!t, then I'm paying that lil' bail, yeah, yeah
She took off all her clothes 'cause she say, "It's hot as hell in here"
Balenciaga, steroid boots, I could step on the whole town
If you talking down, I could get you spent right now
Ain't no b!tch f**king with my b!tch, and that's hands down
Every time I look up, she be making TikToks to my sound
I mean TikToks to my song, I feel like I'm Drake, b!tch, I'm so far gone
I pulled up with that Drac' and that boy never made it home
These n!ggas don't be for real, they need to leave me alone
'cause I step on sh!t
Almost went to jail in Sweden, yeah, I had dirty p!ss
Binary switch on that b!tch, this a dirty stick
I was f**king on a M.I.L.F., she was thirty-six
I don't really shop at Kith, I be in SoHo
I'm flexing on my b!tch, sometimes you gotta let a ho know
I told the label I'm lit, f**k it, I don't need no promo
Super Saiyan, yeah, wild to death, I'm in go mode
Upside down cross what's on my neck, but I ain't never sell my soul

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Rockstar Lifestyle Lyrics Explained

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Rockstar Lifestyle" song?

"Rockstar Lifestyle" song is sung by Ken Carson.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Rockstar Lifestyle" song?

"Rockstar Lifestyle" song lyrics written by Ken Carson, ssort & Semsi.

Who is the music producer of "Rockstar Lifestyle" song?

"Rockstar Lifestyle" song music composed & produced by ssort & Semsi.

When was "Rockstar Lifestyle" song released?

"Rockstar Lifestyle" song was released on October 13, 2023.