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154 American Hip-Hop Artist

Aaron Tyrese Cole (born February 28, 1999) was born in Bristol, Virginia, United States. He is an American Christian hip hop recording artist and songwriter. He is professionally known as Aaron Cole. whose musical journey commenced at the tender age of four. His prodigious talent quickly caught the attention of the music industry, leading him to sign with Gotee Records, a label founded by the acclaimed Christian hip hop performer Toby McKeehan.

Embarking on his artistic odyssey, Cole's initial foray into the world of music began when his father penned a song titled "Jesus is the Rock" for him. This auspicious start culminated in the release of his debut CD bearing the same title in July 2003. This early exposure set the stage for a remarkable career characterized by a seamless blend of rap and singing, showcasing Cole's versatility as an artist.

Noteworthy among his repertoire are chart-topping tracks such as "Right on Time," "One More Day," and "Like You," which have solidified his standing in the Christian hip hop scene. Over the years, he has independently produced six projects, each demonstrating his evolving artistry and commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Cole's impact extends beyond solo endeavors, as he has collaborated with notable artists like Hollyn and DJ Maj, leaving an indelible mark on the Christian music landscape. In recognition of his rising influence, he was rightfully inducted into Christian Hip Hop's prestigious Rapzilla Freshman Class in 2016. Additionally, Essence Magazine identified him as one of the 16 gospel artists to watch.

The pivotal year of 2017 marked a significant milestone in Cole's career when he secured a record deal with Gotee Records, a testament to his unwavering dedication and talent. As he continues to captivate audiences with his compelling musical expression, Aaron Tyrese Cole stands as a luminary in Christian hip hop, leaving an enduring imprint on the industry and inspiring listeners with his uplifting and soul-stirring compositions. Browse A to Z all Aaron Cole Lyrics, songs, and albums below.