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142 Swiss-German Metal Band

"Ad Infinitum", the captivating symphonic metal ensemble hailing from Switzerland and Germany, traces its roots back to the visionary talents of Swiss singer Melissa Bonny. Initially conceived as a solo project, it blossomed into a formidable musical entity with the addition of drummer Niklas Müller, bassist Jonas Asplind, and guitarist Adrian Theßenvitz.

The band's journey reached a pivotal moment in July 2019 when they inked a significant record deal with the esteemed Napalm Records. This collaboration set the stage for the unveiling of their inaugural opus, 'Chapter I: Monarchy,' a monumental debut that showcased their prowess in blending symphonic elements with the raw intensity of metal. Released in April 2020, the album garnered widespread acclaim, cementing Ad Infinitum's presence in the symphonic metal realm.

However, the band encountered a turning point in December 2020 when Jonas Asplind, the dedicated bassist, made the difficult decision to depart from Ad Infinitum due to health reasons. Faced with this challenge, the band swiftly embraced change and welcomed Korbinian Benedict as their new bassist, fortifying their lineup with fresh energy and commitment.

Ad Infinitum's biography is a testament to their resilience and artistic evolution, marked by the transition from a solo project to a full-fledged band, securing a coveted record deal, and weathering personnel changes with grace. As they continue to carve their path in the symphonic metal landscape, the captivating melodies and powerful narratives woven into their music promise an enduring legacy for Ad Infinitum in the realm of metal exploration and sonic enchantment. Browse A to Z all Ad Infinitum Lyrics, songs, and albums below.