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Park Soo-hyun (born September 25, 1997) was born in South Korea. She is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer. She is professionally known as Adora. She began her musical journey at a young age and showcased her skills by creating a fan song for Highlight when she was just 13 years old. In 2012, she joined Stardom Entertainment as a trainee and worked with Topp Dogg, co-composing their debut EP's song "Playground".

However, she left the company and later joined Music K Entertainment in 2014, where she trained with the members of The Ark, although she didn't make it into the final lineup. In 2016, Adora applied to Big Hit Music's 'Next New Creator' audition project and was selected to join the company. Under the name Adora, she started her professional songwriting career with BTS' album Wings, contributing to the song "Interlude: Wings" and the singles "Spring Day" and "Not Today" from their repackage album. She also co-wrote songs for TXT and GFriend as an in-house producer for Big Hit Music. However, she eventually left the company in 2020 due to feeling creatively unfulfilled.

Adora signed an exclusive contract with Aura Entertainment on October 25, 2021, and officially debuted as a soloist on November 5 with the single "Make U Dance" featuring Eunha of Viviz. Her talent and global impact were recognized by the Recording Academy, which named her as one of the K-pop songwriters and producers who defined 2021. Adora continued to impress with her subsequent releases, such as the single "The Little Name," which was accompanied by an animated music video inspired by "The Little Prince."

In 2022, Adora released the single "Trouble? Travel!" and made her first appearance on a weekly domestic music show, KBS2's Music Bank. She also joined the cast of the U+Idol Live music variety show, Sing in the Green, and released several songs during her time on the show. Her debut EP, Adorable Rebirth, was released on September 26, featuring her previously-released singles and new tracks. Adora held a showcase for the EP's release in Seoul. Although she participated in the Mnet survival show Artistock Game, she was eliminated before the semi-final round.

Adora's journey as a singer, songwriter, and producer showcases her immense talent and dedication to her craft. Her unique musical style and heartfelt compositions have garnered attention and placed her as one of the promising new artists to watch in the K-pop industry. Browse A to Z all Adora Lyrics, songs, and albums below.