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1.2K American Rock Band

AFI (A Fire Inside) is an American rock band that originated from Ukiah, California in 1991. The band consists of lead vocalist Davey Havok, drummer and backing vocalist Adam Carson, bassist, backing vocalist, and keyboardist Hunter Burgan, and guitarist, backing vocalist, and keyboardist Jade Puget. Havok and Carson are the only remaining original members.

Initially, AFI started as a hardcore punk band, but they have since explored various genres, starting from horror punk and moving through post-hardcore and emo before branching out into alternative rock and gothic rock. Over the years, AFI has released eleven studio albums, ten EPs, one live album, and one DVD. Their fifth studio album, "The Art of Drowning," released in 2000, propelled the band to substantial commercial success, peaking at number 174 on the Billboard 200.

AFI's music has been classified under various genres, including punk rock, hardcore punk, emo, gothic rock, horror punk, post-hardcore, skate punk, alternative rock, screamo, garage punk, and pop-punk. Despite being often labeled as "gothic punk" due to the band's appearance, AFI members have never considered the label accurate. Guitarist Jade Puget has even stated that "Goth-punk isn't a style of music, it doesn't even exist."

The band's music is characterized by Havok's distinctive vocals, Carson's precise drumming, Burgan's melodic bass lines, and Puget's intricate guitar work, all coming together to create a unique and recognizable sound. AFI's lyrics are often introspective, exploring themes of love, loss, and the struggles of the human condition.

AFI's music has had a significant impact on the rock music scene, inspiring many bands to explore different genres and sounds. Despite their evolution over the years, AFI remains a force in the music industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of their artistry and thrilling fans with each new release. Browse A to Z all AFI Lyrics, songs, and albums below.