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124 American Rock Band

"Angels & Airwaves", stylized as ΛVΛ, emerges as a distinctive American rock ensemble featuring lead vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge, guitarist David Kennedy, drummer Ilan Rubin, and bassist Matt Rubano. The band's genesis occurred during the hiatus of the renowned Blink-182 in 2005. Despite Blink-182's reunion in 2009, Angels & Airwaves persevered in their musical pursuits. Following DeLonge's subsequent departure from Blink-182 in 2015, the band became his primary focus.

The band's discography boasts six studio albums, commencing with "We Don't Need to Whisper" in 2006 and culminating in "Lifeforms" in 2021. Their journey also spawned the documentary film "Start the Machine" in 2008. Notably, during the release of their Love albums in 2011, the group delved into film production, scoring and producing the science fiction drama "Love" directed by William Eubank. This multimedia endeavor was showcased in a nationwide event, Love Live, across 460 theaters.

Angels & Airwaves expands beyond the traditional boundaries of a music group, evolving into what DeLonge aptly describes as "an art project" that addresses profound human themes across diverse mediums. Their artistic vision permeates films, live events, and a unique approach to fan-artist interaction. The band's ethos, encapsulated in their first two albums, draws inspiration from the musical landscapes of Radiohead and Pink Floyd, infused with the expansive spirit of U2.

In 2014, the band unveiled an animated short titled "Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker," complementing their fifth album of the same name. Further extending their reach into various media, 2015 saw the release of comic books and a live-action film. Angels & Airwaves, as envisioned by DeLonge, transcends conventional musical boundaries, forging a path that intertwines music, visual arts, and storytelling into a cohesive and immersive experience for their audience. Browse A to Z all Angels & Airwaves Lyrics, songs, and albums below.