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130 American Singer & Rapper

Arshia Nicholas Fattah (born April 18, 1998) was born in Kansas City, Southern California, United States. He is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and YouTuber. He is professionally known as Aries. he has carved a significant niche for himself in the realm of online music creation and content creation. With a staggering tally of over 55 million total views and a robust following exceeding 460,000 subscribers on his burgeoning YouTube channel, he stands as a testament to the digital age's power to amplify artistic voices.

His journey into the digital limelight began in 2012, when he first ventured into crafting videos, predominantly focusing on beat tutorials and engaging challenges. These endeavors culminated in the birth of his secondary SoundCloud page, WUNDERWORLD, where the fruits of his creative labor found a sonic home. Not one to confine his talents to a single medium, Aries has recently embarked on a new chapter in his musical odyssey by releasing full-length songs under his WUNDERWORLD label, formerly known as Chapter 9. Remarkably, the majority of these compositions bear the indelible mark of his artistic prowess, with Aries assuming the roles of singer, songwriter, and producer.

In a candid interview with Liam C for XINTYN, Aries peeled back the layers of his enigmatic persona, shedding light on the genesis of his moniker. Contrary to popular belief, his affinity for the name "Aries" transcends mere astrological curiosity, resonating instead with its inherent connotations of strength and vitality. While eschewing a deep-seated interest in zodiac signs, he found an undeniable alignment with the attributes commonly associated with the Aries archetype.

Moreover, Aries offered a glimpse into the tapestry of influences that have shaped his musical sensibilities since his formative years. Fondly reminiscing on his early encounters with bands like Linkin Park, System of a Down, and Papa Roach, he traced his musical epiphany back to the vibrant tapestry of animated shows like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. In these immersive realms, where adrenaline-fueled action danced in tandem with anthemic rock soundtracks, Aries discovered the transformative power of music to elevate storytelling to transcendent heights. Browse A to Z all Aries Lyrics, songs, and albums below.