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Arthur Madrigalejos Nery (born January 28, 1997) was born in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. He is a Filipino singer and songwriter. He is professionally known as Arthur Nery. His musical journey took a pivotal turn in 2019 when he inked a significant record deal with Viva Records, unleashing his debut album, "Letters Never Sent," the same year. The album not only marked his professional debut but also showcased his multifaceted talent.

However, Nery's musical odyssey began in the halls of high school, where he earnestly started crafting songs that would later resonate with a broader audience. His passion for music deepened during his college years at Xavier University ? Ateneo de Cagayan, where he immersed himself in the art of singing through formal training, notably as a member of the glee club. This academic pursuit in Psychology laid a foundation for understanding the intricacies of human emotions, a theme that would weave through his future songwriting.

Before fully embracing his musical calling, Nery navigated the realms of the corporate world, working as a call center agent and sharing his linguistic skills as an online English teacher for Japanese students. Fate intervened when he was booked to perform at comedian Wacky Kiray's show in Bukidnon, leading to a serendipitous encounter with Kean Cipriano, the frontman of Callalily, who had recently launched his label, O/C. In a moment of musical serendipity, Nery inked a deal with O/C that same night, setting the stage for his ascendancy in the industry.

2021 marked a significant chapter in Nery's career, thanks to the resounding success of his single "Pagsamo," propelling him into the limelight and solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the Filipino music landscape. Arthur Madrigalejos Nery's narrative, enriched by diverse experiences and unwavering passion, continues to unfold as he captivates audiences with his soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. Browse A to Z all Arthur Nery Lyrics, songs, and albums below.