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Aviva Anastasia Payne (born May 6, 1994) was born in Sydney, Australia. She is an Australian singer-songwriter and author. She is professionally known as AViVA. Growing up in a family that was musically inclined, Aviva started playing the violin at the age of four and went on to study piano before embarking on classical vocal training and teaching herself the guitar.

She attended high school at Mercy College in Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia, where she studied theatre and later went on to study secondary education at the University of Notre Dame Australia.

Aviva describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist, with interests that span music, writing, and visual arts. She has achieved international success as a musician, with billions of streams on her music and a large following of fans who call themselves 'Outsiders.' This term is in reference to Aviva's own experiences of feeling like an outsider during her school years, which is a recurring theme in her music. Her mission is to empower people to embrace their identities and celebrate their differences, drawing from her own experiences of being the "quirky" kid at school.

In early 2019, Aviva moved to Los Angeles, California, to further her career as a musician and continue pursuing her passion for writing. She released her debut novel, SELF/LESS, in October 2021, which was met with critical acclaim. The book explores themes of identity, mental health, and self-discovery and is a testament to Aviva's talent as a writer. In August 2022, Aviva released the sequel, RELENTLESS, which further delves into the themes explored in the first book.

When she's not writing or performing, Aviva can be found in her home library, where she loves to read and write, or in her art studio, working on her next creative project. She has toured with artists such as Poppy and YUNGBLUD, further cementing her status as an up-and-coming artist to watch. With her unique perspective and multidisciplinary talents, Aviva is undoubtedly an artist to keep an eye on in the coming years. Browse A to Z all AViVA Lyrics, songs, and albums below.