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BabyMonster, a captivating South Korean Girl Group incubated under the auspices of YG Entertainment, emerged into the limelight via the electrifying crucible of Last Evaluation, ultimately debuting on November 27, 2023, with the digital anthem "BATTER UP," followed by the equally mesmerizing "Stuck In The Middle" on February 1, 2024. Comprised of seven immensely talented members—Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Rami, Pharita, Asa, And Rora—the group swiftly captured the imagination of K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.

The genesis of BabyMonster was heralded by YG Entertainment on December 30, 2022, marked by a tantalizing poster bearing the cryptic moniker "YG Next Movement." This enigmatic preamble was accompanied by a riveting trailer released on New Year's Day, garnering an astonishing 15 million views within a mere three days. Featuring luminaries such as members from Winner and Blackpink, the sibling duo AKMU, the illustrious dancer-choreographer Leejung Lee, and the visionary founder Yang Hyun-suk, the teaser ignited a fervor of anticipation. The synergy of this announcement with the potential return of the iconic G-Dragon as a soloist saw YG Entertainment's stocks soar by an impressive 11.74%.

The unveiling of BabyMonster's septet unfolded gradually, tantalizing fans with live performance snippets starting on January 12. These teasers, strategically released in sequence, unveiled the talents of each member in a crescendo of anticipation. The pre-debut promotional single, "Dream," released exclusively via YouTube on May 14, 2023, quickly ascended to the summit of the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart, solidifying the group's preeminence.

With the release of their debut singles, "Batter Up" and "Stuck in the Middle," BabyMonster shattered records left and right. Notably, "Batter Up" featured contributions from label-mates Lee Chan-hyuk of AKMU and Choi Hyun-suk of Treasure, while member Asa showcased her prowess by working on both the music and lyrics. The accompanying music video for "Batter Up" set new benchmarks, amassing an unprecedented 22.59 million views within the first 24 hours, cementing its status as the fastest debut music video in K-pop history. Moreover, the group's rapid ascent on Spotify, achieving 10 million streams in a mere ten days, further underscored their meteoric rise.

Despite initial setbacks, notably Ahyeon's temporary hiatus due to health reasons, the group's resilience and camaraderie saw her swift return, culminating in the official debut of the seven-member powerhouse. Their inaugural extended play, "BabyMons7er," released on April 1, not only showcased re-recordings of their hit singles but also featured a captivating collaboration with the acclaimed artist Charlie Puth. As BabyMonster embarks on their journey, they stand poised to redefine the landscape of K-pop, captivating audiences with their unparalleled talent and infectious energy. Browse A to Z all BabyMonster Lyrics, songs, and albums below.