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Balming Tiger is a highly talented and innovative musical collective that originated in South Korea's vibrant city of Seoul in 2018. The group's unique composition comprises several exceptionally gifted artists, including director San Yawn, rapper Omega Sapien, DJ Abyss, music video directors Jan'Qui and Leesuho, singer-songwriters Sogumm, Wnjn, and Mudd the Student, as well as editor Henson.

The collective's musical approach is groundbreaking and refreshingly different from other groups, as they refuse to be confined or limited to one specific genre. Balming Tiger describes themselves as a "multi-national alternative K-pop group," and their music reflects their eclectic style, incorporating various influences from different cultures and genres. Their sound is a fusion of electronic, hip-hop, indie, and rock, among other genres, which has garnered them significant attention and admiration from fans worldwide.

In 2018, the group released their first single, "I'm Sick," which was an instant success. The song's unconventional blend of sounds and styles, coupled with its visually stunning music video, showcased Balming Tiger's immense talent and set them apart as a unique and innovative group in the Korean music scene.

Balming Tiger has continued to release hit songs and albums, captivating audiences worldwide with their outstanding music and artistic flair. Their music explores various themes, including love, relationships, and social commentary, delivered through their distinct sound and lyrical prowess.

In summary, Balming Tiger is a pioneering and forward-thinking musical collective that has revolutionized the Korean music industry with their innovative sound and artistic vision. Their multi-national and genre-bending approach to music sets them apart as a unique and highly talented group, and their music is a must-listen for any fan of innovative and refreshing music. Browse A to Z all Balming Tiger Lyrics, songs, and albums below.