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441 Turkish YouTuber & Singer

Berkcan Güven (born May 30, 1996) was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a Turkish influencer, YouTuber and singer With over 4 million subscribers, Güven's YouTube channel is currently ranked among the top 25 most-subscribed channels in Turkey (as of May 2020). He is professionally known as BEGE.

In 2021, he made his debut as a singer with the release of his album under the name BEGE, which achieved significant success, reaching the 4th position on the Spotify Global Charts.

Since 2014, Güven has been creating videos that revolve around gaming, music, and entertainment. He gained considerable recognition through the release of his diss track titled "YouTube Benim İşim" in 2017, as well as his songs "Yeniden" and "Neresi?," which received critical acclaim. His family members often make appearances in his videos, adding a personal touch to his content. Notably, the music video for "Yeniden" featured Aleyna Tilki as a guest star, generating significant attention and becoming a trending topic in Turkey. In 2020, he continued his musical journey with the release of "İlerle."

In 2019, Güven collaborated with notable celebrities such as Ben Fero, Reynmen, Unlost, and Efe Uygaç to initiate a donation campaign in honor of his grandmother. The campaign resulted in a donation of ₺200,000 to the Hospice Presidency (Darülaceze Başkanlığı), showcasing Güven's philanthropic endeavors.

Overall, Berkcan Güven, also known as BEGE, has made a name for himself as a successful Turkish influencer, YouTuber, and singer, gaining a significant following and achieving chart success with his debut album. His captivating content, musical talent, and charitable contributions have contributed to his widespread acclaim. Browse A to Z all BEGE Lyrics, songs, and albums below.