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145 Argentine DJ & Record Producer
Gonzalo Julián Conde (August 29, 1998) was born in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an Argentine DJ and record producer. He is better known by his stage name, Bizarrap. He specializes in EDM, Latin trap and rap. He is known for his Bzrp Music Sessions, which he records with a wide variety of artists. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Producer in 2021. His career started in 2017 with the "Combos Locos" that he put together with highlights from local freestyle battles. That environment led him to become friends with figures like Lit Killah, Kodigo, Ecko, with whom he began remixing in parallel. His first hit came from Duki and the BZRP version of "No Vendo Trap". In December 2020, Bizarrap became the most listened-to Argentine artist and producer in the world with more than 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify, entering the 300 most listened to artists in the world. Browse A to Z all Bizarrap Lyrics, songs, and albums below.