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495 Italian Singer & Rapper

Riccardo Fabbriconi (born February 10, 2003) was born in Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. He is an Italian singer, rapper and songwriter. He is professionally known as Blanco. He gained significant recognition in 2021 with his hit songs "La canzone nostra" and "Mi fai impazzire," both of which topped the Italian Singles Chart.

Blanco's debut album, "Blu celeste," was also released in 2021 and was driven by the success of singles such as "Notti in bianco," "Paraocchi," and the title track. His music has since earned him a huge following in Italy and beyond.

Despite being originally labeled as a rapper and trapper, Blanco refuses to be defined by any single genre. He believes that music should be listened to without being boxed in by labels. His debut album showcased influences from a variety of genres, including pop, punk, rock, and funk. This has led some critics to describe Blanco's music as "genreless." In fact, Claudio Cabona of Rockol has commented on how Blanco is able to mix rap with a "nihilistic punk attitude." La Repubblica has also described him as "the new face of post-trap."

Blanco's way of delivering his lyrics is heavily inspired by his personal experiences. He says that he "doesn't sing, but rather shouts with the heart." Blanco draws inspiration from a variety of Italian singer-songwriters, including Adriano Celentano, Domenico Modugno, Luigi Tenco, Franco Battiato, and Gino Paoli.

In 2022, Blanco and Mahmood won the 72nd Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Brividi," which they then went on to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite finishing in sixth place, Blanco's performance and unique sound gained him even more international recognition. With a growing fan base and a desire to continue exploring new sounds and styles, Blanco is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the music industry. Browse A to Z all Blanco Lyrics, songs, and albums below.