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371 Turkish Rap Singer & Songwriter

Emirhan Çakal (born April 15, 2001) was born in Inegol, Bursa, Turkey. He is a Turkish rap singer and songwriter. He is professionally known as Cakal. Cakal began his music career in 2020 with the release of "Kanalım Yok," a collaboration with Reckol. However, it was his subsequent releases at the end of the same year that marked his official debut in the industry.

Cakal gained recognition with the release of "Puşt" and "Reckol," which quickly gained popularity among fans of Turkish rap music. He continued to cement his place in the music scene with the release of "Perros Blancos" and "Glock" in 2021, which further showcased his talent as a rapper and songwriter.

In the same year, Cakal collaborated with Reckol once again, releasing an EP titled "PİŞMAN," featuring three tracks, including the popular song "Please." His music continued to captivate listeners, and at the end of 2021, he released "Antrikot," which showcased his ability to experiment with different sounds and styles.

In 2022, Cakal continued to release a string of successful singles, including "Imdat," which was also included in his debut album "Paradoks." The album showcased his versatility and ability to seamlessly blend different genres, such as trap and rap, while also incorporating his unique style.

As he gained more recognition, Cakal released "Lost Years," his first single in 2023. The song, which featured introspective lyrics and a haunting melody, was well-received by fans and critics alike, further cementing his place as a promising artist in the Turkish rap music scene.

In summary, Cakal is a talented Turkish rap artist and songwriter who has made a significant impact in the industry in a short period. With his unique style, introspective lyrics, and willingness to experiment with different sounds, he is poised to continue making waves in the music scene for years to come. Browse A to Z all Cakal Lyrics, songs, and albums below.