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177 Serbian Rapper

Predrag Miljković (born February 23, 1988) was born in Leskovac, a town in southern Serbia. He is a Serbian Rapper. He is professionally known as Corona. Since 2003 when he started writing lyrics, and in 2006, he recorded his first song. However, it wasn't until 2007 when he began working with the South Side team from Leskovac that he became more actively involved in music.

In 2010, Korona released his debut studio album, Elegantan, which featured 14 songs and collaborations with notable artists such as Cvija, OBC, and Rimski. X-Plane, Slobodan Đorđević (OBC), and South Side Beats produced the album, while South Side Studio handled the mixing and mastering.

Three years later, in June 2013, Korona released his second album, Deveti život, with 14 tracks. South Side Studio and OBC were once again responsible for production, mixing, and mastering. The album featured collaborations with Rimski and Anna Yolo, among others.

Korona gained wider recognition in 2014 with the release of his songs Aca Lukas and Mutne glave. He also collaborated with Unija from Novi Sad on the song Amin, featuring Mia and Flow, and with Drap, a hip hop producer and emcee from Brčko, on the song Nova škola.

In 2015, Korona released his third studio album, Getaway, under the publishing house IDJVideos. The album featured collaborations with Fox, Rimski, Furio Giunta, and Maisi, among others. Filip Mladenović, also known as One Music, produced the instrumentals for the songs, while Jan Zoo handled mixing and mastering. The album's graphic design was done by Vedad Mandra.

A music video was recorded for the song Tension Rises, but it was never released due to its explicit content. Despite this setback, Korona continued to produce music and build his reputation as a talented artist in the Serbian music scene. Browse A to Z all Corona Lyrics, songs, and albums below.